The Bluegrass State
Capital City:   Frankfort
       June 1, 1792
State Bird:
      Kentucky Cardinal
State Tree:
      Tulip Poplar
State Flower:  Goldenrod
State Song:     "My Old Kentucky Home"
State Motto:   "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

Shooting Groups & Clubs

Bluegrass Saddleblazers
P.O. Box 103
Hillsboro, KY 41049
contact:  Ed English
           (859) 498-1736
cowboy western action - CMSA affiliated

Crab Orchard Cowboy Shootists
Clay, KY
contact:  Rob Fulcher
               (270) 389-9402
monthly shoot:  2nd Saturday
cowboy western action - SASS affiliated

Fox Bend Peacemakers
4327 Canterbury Green Way
Lexington, KY 40514
contact:  Dan Schlermitzauer
               Richard "Reverend Jack" 
               (606) 263-9483
               Pete Gillis
               (606) 272-3130
monthly shoot:  4thSunday (except July)
territorial governor:
     Tiny Texarkana (859) 885-3058 
cowboy western action - SASS affiliated

Highland Regulators, Inc.
territorial governor:
     Sunshine Billy (865) 281-2930

Hooten Old Town Regulators
McKee, KY
contact:  Ralph Marcum
              (606) 287-3855
monthly shoot:  2nd Sunday
territorial governor:
     Cherokee Big Dawg (606) 633-0707
cowboy western action - SASS affiliated


Kentucky Regulators
Boaz, KY
contact:  Joe Keith
              (270) 658-3247
monthly shoot:  1st Saturday
territorial governor:
     Hoss Lytle (606) 784-0067
cowboy western action - SASS affiliated

Knob Creek Gunfighters Guild
Louisville, KY
contact: Robert "Ranger Bodrie" L. Barlow
              (270) 828-4251
monthly shoot:  1st Sunday
territorial governor:
     Capt. James Albertson (812) 944-2468
cowboy western action - SASS affiliated

Lonesome Pine Pistoleros
territorial governor:
     Isom Kid (606) 633-4465
cowboy western action - SASS affilliated

Morgan's Raiders
8520 Hwy 60
Ekron, KY 40117
contact:  James Campbell
cowboy action - CMSA affiliated

Ohio River Rangers
territorial governor:
     Luck Hatcher (270) 488-3592

Tough Riders
Elkton, KY
contact:  Stev
e "Bud Baxter" Rose
               (270) 475-7050
monthly shoot:  3rd Saturday 
     (most months)
     two-day shoots held in spring and fall

Cowboy Action Shooting Matches

Shootout in the Hills
  May 20, 21, 22, 2005
     where:  Stearns, KY
     contact:  Double Barrel Anderson
                      (606) 376-5836

Hooten Holler Round Up III (SASS Kentucky State Championship)
  June 17, 18, 19,  2005
     where:  Knob Creek, KY
     contact:  No Purse Nez
                      (606) 633-7688

Bullitt County Draw Down
 November 5, 6, 2005
     where:  Louisville, KY
     contact:  Mountain Drover
                      (502) 817-8124


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