Bob Shaw can install practically all kinds of sights.  Some of the more common custom sights that can be installed are:


Lever Action Rifles

Brass Bedes, Buckhorn, Semi Buckhorn, Folding Sights,
Tang Sights, and many more

Single Shot Rifles

Globe Sights with or without Spirit Level
Mid Range or Long Range Tang Sights

Six Guns

Point of impact adjustment for windage and elevation

     The price for sites depends, of course, on the type of site and degree of difficulty of installation.  So give Bob a call at (714) 871-8171, fax (714) 871-8516 or email him at and heíll help you with your needs.

     Bob can repair or replace stocks on shotguns, lever guns and single shot rifles.  Most types of wood and all finishes are available from an oil finish to polyurethane.  Recoil reducers and pads can be installed.  Do you have a split stock or one thatís rotted from sitting in the attic too long.  Or have you just run across that old firearm in your dadís garage that needs a bit of repair?  Has your firearm been water or fire damaged?  Bob can repair it.

     Since work varies according to what extent of repair or replacement you need and materials and finish you select, prices will vary.  Please call Bob at (714) 871-8171, fax him at (714) 871-8516 or email with your request and/or questions he will be able to provide you with all the details and pricing according to what your need is.  Donít be hesitant because you think your old worn out, split, or cracked stock is beyond help because Bob will surprise (and please) you with what your old stock can become. 

     For the most part, cylinders on the Ruger 44-40 and others are undersized and the guns will not group properly.  Bob will re-cut the chambers to the right size and polish the chambers.  With this small modification the grouping will be improved and the spent cases will extract easily.  Telephone Bob at (714) 871-8171, fax him at (714) 871-8516 or email him at and heíll be happy to talk to you about it.